Polyglot Programming

Imagine a Ruby developer being able to use a module developed in Python, Clojure, Javascript, Groovy..etc and vice verse?

Well that future is here! Solvent is built on the JSR-223 standard for implementing various programming languages on the JVM.

Solvent is the only web application platform implemented completely based on JSR-223.

This allows you to use various languages on a single platform and Middleware. This would be like Python developers being able to use rails while still developing in Python...in other words, freaking awesome!

Low-Concept SQL

If terms such as ORM, JDBC or god forbid "Herbinate", make your head spin; you'll enjoying doing relational database interactions on Solvent.

Solvent provides a Low-Concept way for your applications to interact with a relational database. Just type in your SQL and let the Solvent Middleware handle the rest, like a boss.

Smart Objects

Have you ever used xml,json or some other text file to hold application configurations? You don't have to do that on Solvent.

Solvent has a powerful construct to create smart named-objects that can be integrated into your application's backend code seamlessly or streamed to the browser as json.

These objects can be used to not only do configuration but can also be composed to create complex structured data APIs without writing a single line of code.

Build web applications visually using components from the web.

Imagine using components built by other developers all across the web. Using Solvent, you can connect to sites such as bootsnipp or bootstrap and drag-n-drop UI components directly into your application!

It gets even better when the UI component is a Solvent UI Part that allows you to integrate fully functional components into your application effortlessly.



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